The follows is a step-by-step description of how “Electric Goddess (Blue Crystals)” was created in Painter.

Step 1

The preliminary drawing was done on paper, first with mechanical pencil with orange erasable color lead (Mitsubishi Pencil Company's Uni -ish brand) to draw out the overall compisition, and then with regular lead to do the figure. After opening the scanned image in Painter, I erased some unwanted lines applying white color with cover pencil.

Step 2

I created a new layer on the canvas, turned its composite method to Gel, and applied the colors using my customized highly blending Tinting-type brushes. Before using the brushes, I filled the layer with olive green and then applied Lighting effect to lighten the center.

Step 3

To make the background more interesting, I decided to add color variety to the overall image. I made a clone of the image and copied and pasted it back on top of the original file and set its composite method to Colorize to provide the base for the color changes. Painting various colors on this new layer changes the colors of the image without affecting the details.

Step 4

I made a clone again, and thereafter worked on that clone. I adjusted some colors and painted in details.

Step 5

Then I worked on the cord-like hairs — patiently.

Step 6

I felt the image needed more contrast, so I made two duplicates of the canvas and set their composite method to Overlay and Multiply respectively. After adjusting the opacity of the two layers, I made another clone and continued working on the clone.

Step 7

I added a new layer and painted the glowing light on it.

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