Here’s the step-by-step progress record of “Batou in Chase on a Foldable Motorbike.”

Step 1

I started the line drawing in Painter. It was done with a customized cover pencil on a layer.

Step 2

I processed a digital photo of a wooden patch using Auto Cloning (this image was created with Painter 8, before the arrival of Auto Painting and Photo Painting) with a custom brush, and pasted it onto onto the canvas.

Step 3

I wanted to change Batou’s posture. First I collapsed the line drawing and coloring layers; then I separated his upper body from the rest, rotated it a little, and joined it back.

Step 3

I cloned the image and thereafter continued my work on the clone (with no layers).

Step 4

I added some details and shadows.

Step 5

More work on the trousers.

Step 6

Next I worked on the background. I painted in white dots to express foliage under sunlight in soft focus.

Step 7

More work on the background. I painted in grass in the foreground.

Step 8

I felt I needed more contrast. I duplicated the canvas and set the composite method of the new duplicated layer to Overlay. I turned down its visibility low and also used the layer mask to hide parts that didn’t need extra contrast.

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