Here is a step-by-step description of how I created “Vis à Vis.” This image started as a composition sketch done on a sheet of generic copy paper.

Step 1

I used IrfanView to acquire the original image through the scanner (in this case an all-in-one scanner-printer from Hewlett-Packard), and save the image in JPEG format.

In order to use the original sketch as the reference for a better quality line drawing, I turned the sketch into red lines on a transparent layer. (To do this, first Auto Select by Image Luminance; then create a New Layer, and fill the new layer with a red color. After turning off the selection, fill the canvas with white.)

Step 2

I created another layer and drew the outlines with a customized cover pencil on it. The red reference sketch is lightly showing. When I finished the outlines, I deleted the red sketch layer.

Step 3

I decided on the direction of the light source, and placed the colors in large blocks on yet another layer below the line drawing.

Step 4

I applied the Lighting effect on the canvas with custom settings.

Step 5

I dropped the coloring layer to canvas and added details. After some more work, I made a backup copy of the line drawing layer, and dropped the line layer and turned its copy invisible.

Step 6

I added more contrast to the girl to the left and also adjusted some details.

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