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Here are some images I have created using Painter. On each page, you will find a short note on the image often referring briefly to techniques employed.


Hanako at 20 Firefox Lady Dark Red Apple The Color Circle Swimwear Motoko Says Happy New Year Electric Goddess (Blue Crystals) Green Girl Batou in Chase on a Foldable Motorbike Ruri Hoshino of Nadesico (Turning Back) Sleeping Beauty (Green Cave) Stone Angel Jude Law Vis à Vis Dark Angel (Max Guevara)

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Green Garden Patrol Rider Ice My Cat Hanako Ruri Hoshino (Light Reflections) Narcissus Electric Goddess Classic Layered Kimono Sprig of Lavender Weightlessness Islets of Izu


Here are some step-by-step descriptions of my working process.

Electric Goddess (Blue Crystals)
Batou in Chase on a Foldable Motorbike
Sleeping Beauty (Green Cave)
Vis à Vis